Aircraft Systems Training 80 Hours

Systems Course - ATA 104 Level II - 80 Hour

Airframe - Engine - Electrical Systems with Avionics


This systems course has been designed to train the technicians to achieve a firm understanding and in depth knowledge of the major aircraft systems. The technician will identify the normal functions, recognize the abnormal indications and distinguish the faults and defects in their associated systems. Specific information and onboard tools as in Present Leg Fault, Existing Faults, Maintenance Messages, Maintenance Pages Snapshots and Synoptic Displays are used to troubleshoot and repair aircraft defects and faults. Our systems training course also includes the use and application of the Minimum Equipment List, FIM/FRM, and the CDL.

Training Objective

This Systems Training Course is designed to specifically provide an in-depth and total look at aircraft systems in relation to their respective individual core components, computer and interface units, safety systems, system redundancy, sensors for flight deck indication and other aircraft user systems for valid signals. The goal of this course is to methodically and meticulously troubleshoot aircraft system defects and faults.

Course Objectives

This course satisfies ATA 104 Level II objectives. Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:

Duration: 10 Training Days
Training Location: Miami or Your Location
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