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AMT School is an FAA Approved Testing Center. The testing center is centrally located on our school site on the north side of the Miami International Airport. The testing center’s address is 5600 N.W. 36th Street, Miami, Florida 33166. The testing center is located on the first floor in suite 104. Our FAA Testing Center is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9AM to 5PM / Tuesday, Thursday 9AM to  8PM and Saturdays 9AM to 3PM. All FAA Exam fees are $175 per exam. Our testing center contact number is 305-871-1233. Written exam reservations are recommended. Walk-In applicants are welcomed. More information about FAA knowledge testing can be found https://faa.psiexams.com/FAA/login or the Federal Aviation Administration https://www.faa.gov/training_testing/testing/ at PSI Exams .


Create an IACRA Account with the FAA and obtain an FTN Number https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx

  1. Click on Register
  2. Choose Applicant
  3. Agree to Term of Service (TOS) and Continue.
  4. Certificate Information: If you do not have an FAA Certificate skip this box and move to the next box Personal Information. If you have an FAA Airman Certificate, please enter it as it appears on the certificate along with the date of issuance.
  5. Personal Information: Enter personal information. If your last legal name contains two last names, provide BOTH LAST NAMES.
    1. If you are a US citizen or US resident you MUST enter ALL of the names on your driver's license.
    2. If you international student you MUST enter ALL of the names on your passport.
  6. Do not enter a suffix if NOT indicated on your ID.
  7. Enter security question.
  8. Select user name and password.
  9. Click on the register button.
  10. The system will generate your FTN number. Write this number down and keep it with you.

Written Exam No Reservations / No Worries: Walk-In applicants are welcomed pending availability for testing. Call us directly 305-871-1233. 

Written Exam Reservations: Create a PSI account and schedule your exam with PSI https://faa.psiexams.com/FAA/login

  1. Create an account on the PSI site to be able to register for the exam. Make sure to follow the password validation rules that are on the screen.
  2. IMPORTANT: Enter ALL of the names EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR on your government ID passport or driver’s license. If your last legal name contains two last names, enter BOTH LAST NAMES.
    1. Do not enter a suffix if NOT indicated on your ID.
    2. If you are a US citizen or US resident you MUST enter ALL of the names on your driver’s license.
    3. If you international student you MUST enter ALL of the names on your passport.
  3. Proceed with the online application process.
  4. CASH /STOP HERE: If you are paying cash STOP here. Once you arrive at AMT School you will pay cash for the exam and AMT School will register you for the exam.
  5. CREDIT CARD: CHOOSE THE CORRECT EXAM that you are planning to take. Changes may only be made within 24 hours of registration directly with PSI.
  6. CREDIT CARD: To register for the exam follow these steps:
    1. Select the country as United States
    2. Zip code as 33166
    3. Mile radius 5
    4. Select a time frame for Aviation Maintenance Training as the location. Our address is 5600 NW 36th Street Miami, Florida 33166.
    5. If the desired time and date is not available please contact our school at 305-871-1233 so that we may open a slot for you to test.

Take the exam:

  1. Arrive at our school site at least 15 to 30 minutes before your appointment to allow for check-in and completion of on-site required forms.
  2. You are welcome to arrive earlier and use our school computer lab to take practice exams prior to your scheduled exam.

Required documents:

Applicants without proper ID or required endorsements will be turned away. No exceptions.

  1. US citizens and residents must present one form of current, valid ID—at minimum—that contains photo, date of birth, signature, and physical or residential address. Example: Current US driver’s license.
  2. Non-US citizens must present a passport AND another government-issued ID.
  3. If your ID has no address, you will need a document with your name and address. Examples of address verification documents are as follows:
    • Utility / Electrical bill
    • Utility / Water bill
    • Voter’s registration
    • Auto registration
    • Homeowners / deed / lease / mortgage
    • Medical certificate
    • Airman certificate
    • No credit card statements
    • No cell phone bills
  4. Some exams require authorization or endorsement from a flight or ground instructor certifying that you’re prepared to take the written exam.

Items prohibited IN Assessment Center during exam:

Items allowed in Assessment Center during exam:

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