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AMT School is an faa approved written exam center

Hours of Operation:

monday through Friday 9am to 5pm

saturday 9am to 3pm

Written Exam On-Line Preparation Course available

After you have obtained the FAA's permission to test (FAA approved form 8610-2) you will be ready to take your FAA Written Exams. You will need to pass the FAA Written Exams prior to taking the Oral & Practical Exams. In order to assist you in preparing for each of the FAA Written Exams, AMT School offers an On-Line Written Exam Preparation Course. The On-Line Preparation Course will successfully prepare you to pass the FAA Written Exams.

AMT School is an FAA approved Written Exam Center / Walk-ins are welcomed
All FAA Written Exam fees are $175 per exam area

AMT School's A&P Written, Oral & Practical Exam Preparation Course. 
NEXT COURSE DATES: See Course Schedule. 
Course Fee: $990 Written, Oral & Practical Preparation Course. Deposit of $200 required to begin on-line preparation and receive materials.  
(INCLUDES ASA Prepware, 3 ASA Q&A Books and AMT School's Oral Exam Study Guide

The written exam course is offered year-round and is valid for 24 months. The objective of the course is to save the student valuable time away from home, work, and family and save the student money in travel expenses. This is accomplished by preparing the student for the FAA Written Exams online prior to arriving at AMT School in Miami to take his or her FAA Written Exams.

AMT School's On-Line FAA Written Exam Preparation Course

Here is how it works:

  1. 1) The student will register for the Written, Oral and Practical Preparation Course by placing a $200 course deposit. 
  2. 2) At the time of registration the registrar will provide the student with the On-Line Course sign in information, three Q&A books and AMT School's Oral Exam Study Guide. 
  3. 3) You will take a minimum of two daily practice exams online with the objective of obtaining a solid 85%. 
  4. 4) Once the student successfully completes the General, Airframe and Powerplant sections with 85% or better, the student will take the FAA Written General , Airframe and Powerplant Exams at AMT School's FAA Testing Center. 

AMT School recommends for the student to prepare on-line one month prior to arriving at AMT School to take the FAA Written Exams. The amount of exam preparation time is dependent upon the following four (4) factors:

  1. 1) The knowledge and experience the student already possesses in the aviation maintenance field.
  2. 2) The amount of time the student spends daily working on the preparation program. AMT School recommends two (2) hours per day. 
  3. 3) Whether English is the student's first language. 
  4. 4) Most importantly, the student's self-motivation and determination.

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