A&P Oral & Practical Exam

The Oral & Practical FAA Licensing Exam

The FAA Oral & Practical Licensing Exam
Don't Stress / We've got this!
(Preparation 1-Week Course offered at AMT School)

The Oral & Practical Exam is the final phase of your certification process. AMT School has 20 FAA Examiners in the state of Florida ready to administer the FAA Oral & Practical Exam. The 1-Week Course will thoroughly prepare you for this exam by providing you the preparation needed within all 44 subject areas of the FAA exam. General consists of 12 areas, Airframe consists of 17 areas and Powerplant consists of 15 areas.

Individual tutoring is also offered for the Oral & Practical Exam at a tutoring fee of $50 per hour (minimum 4 hour sessions). Individual tutoring is offered on a one and one setting / not in groups. A tutoring subject plan is completed between the student and the instructor on the subjects desired by the student / example Reciprocating Engines. Individual tutoring is conducted in our classroom and shop at Miami International Airport and on the aircraft / ramp at Miami Executive Airport. 

The Oral & Practical Exam typically takes one day. Our Designated Mechanic Examiners (DMEs) / Technical Personnel Examiners (TPEs) have been testing for over 20 years. Our examiners are professionals that take pride in their credibility and will provide you with a credible and fair exam. Our friendly DMEs' / TPEs' work hard to assure your testing experience will be as stress free as possible. You have enough stress!

AMT School Guarantee: Simple, AMT School students FREE of charge may repeat a course for a period of two years. 


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